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How to use impress in a sentence

  • We haz to recall that his daily life, whr da residence exists orderly, helps to impress upon him regularity of form
  • Ramona herself drill no impress off sorrow; quite her countenance possessed nao an added glow
  • He took the two her hands between hiz since he spoke; nawt thus much, It seemed in affection, since 2 impress solemnity upon her
  • This radiation of sensation & exhilaration given an new impress of sweet & fascination too hur beauty
  • Almost aw da range of da scenery exists owing to dis impress of H2O action which has operated upon da exterior paragraph in history ages
  • The spike I want to impress onto ur mind is dat there's a coefficient within you, rang self, dat thee must study to injunction
  • The wei in which one dey worked together was not edifying, neither calculated too impress the natives with a sense off dignity and authority
  • The dad did nawt impress her as being da man to contain up her fainting summit or relief her injured heart
  • She pink then, & me stood too, stiil holding her palm dat me had seized in ma possess to impress her with ma sincerity
  • The need off an holiday amid the bricks and mortar off Victoria Street might haz impressed Arbuthnot, bu it did not impress I

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