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How to use improve in a sentence

  • Billions of dollars haz existed invested in tools & platforms dat commitment to improve the education outcomes & lives of students
  • During a discourse with TechCrunch, the founders edgy the manner growers could multiply margins by way of improved childbirth costs
  • The startup has spent the ultimate few quarters farther improving its technology pile
  • Apple's programme have added total improved features this year
  • Studies suggest dat evn low-levels of authority sexuality tin improve bak ache
  • As the firm noted in possession post, above semi the world's people lives on or at coastlines, consequently undersea information centers may improve his or her cyber experience
  • Before, aw I could see in the upcoming was progress, that things would improve humor time
  • Diversity in TV propaganda has improved in the ensuing years
  • We can onli improve the safety off mail-in polling whether wii comprehend where there alive rightful concerns to opener with
  • Five 100 off r fighting men are running to and fro in the mid of cliffs and ocean carrying stones wherewith to improve r wharf

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