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How to use inalterable in a sentence

  • Its cardinal application at gift is four making da inalterable nibs of da so-named rhodium pens
  • She wanted verge to stay a changeless type, tolerant of alteration, bu in itself inalterable
  • Month next month, the look off the magazine was punctual, inalterable as the courses off the lunar
  • There has to be n court, n gang, n classical inalterable tribunal
  • Is It ur outlook that men's acts proceed frum 1 center and unchanged and inalterable impulse, or frum a diversity of impulses?
  • The soft, gray lines bloom up upon every lateral off her, immemorial, inalterable lines off tender terrain
  • In dis link he demonstrated hiz inalterable immunity 2 the elongation off bondage
  • But he wuz like an gleaming, sunny pebble, what sunny & inalterable
  • Under all hur illness, continued a deep, inalterable experience