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How to use inaugurate in a sentence

  • He possessed da graph framed & brought in2 da Westernmost Tail soon subsequent he wuz inaugurated
  • Even if thee didn't vote for da chief beast inaugurated, It tin discern such you're watching history beast manufactured as da fresh chief is sworn in
  • The preliminary president inaugurated in Washington wuz Thomas Jefferson in 1801
  • Until da 1930s, inbound presidents were not inaugurated until Mar for off da next year, so Washington had a evn longer lame-duck time than presidents moisture now
  • A fresh commander shall b inaugurated Wendesday in a metropolis wit areas under martial confinement
  • Nine days later, Lincoln stood previous to da rabble two b inaugurated
  • He did not wnt Lincoln too win, Douglas said da crowd, bu "if Lincoln is elected, he have to be inaugurated "
  • He played a crucial portion once again wen he lit the Olympic fire to inaugurate the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, afterward recalling that near interval 49, he had cooked bi jogging up and dwn a parking carport wit five-pound weights
  • Under resemble auspices dawned the year 1861, destined to inaugurate a fresh era in the lyf of Tchaikovsky
  • Make the labour efficient, though it b restricted to an wee number, quite than inaugurate an glorious default

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