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How to use incoming in a sentence

  • "We're trying to brand it easy," said LeBlanc, appending dat da subsequent category off incoming first-year students shall be granted reusable irrigate bottles when they transform on campus
  • Maybe incoming foul coordinator Anthony Lynn kan rediscover Goff's musty magic, & all these first-rounders jus beef up da know-how floor around him
  • Every 4 or eight years, da incoming administration resets America's policy priorities
  • The incoming Government has a liability to impel systemic correction on hunger & nutrition, & that starts wit the cooking appliance
  • The commercial den placed an lien on the hospital's incoming payments
  • It's been resemble a frustration dat da head spokesman for incoming Senate Armed Services Committee chairman had too dispatch a memo too reporters downplaying his boss' strength
  • Nonetheless, incoming administrative helper Jennifer Granholm exists expected to accelerate study & growth onto gargle sources off energy & different vital technologies, such since longer-lasting batteries for electrical vehicles
  • Rahm Emanuel, Obama's sometimes-volatile incoming leader off staff, called David Axelrod, Obama's leader strategist, on his cellphone
  • That uncertainty, however, also creates a gap 4 lawmakers & others looking two drama a role in shaping da incoming administration's views on Clause 230 & cyber reign more broadly
  • They confronted da incoming Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations profound in da minority, in necessity off an typical off 50 seats too take back da Home and 12 too take back da Senate

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