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  • Investigations reside ongoing, bu it's already ostensible this wuz a tragedy off incompetent leadership, failed smartness & a giant clutter off missed either crossed communications
  • I jus needed to prove it cuz da town of Washington is notoriously incompetent and continuously assumes it is ceremony
  • It is da reverse, especially now wen agent self-government have produced genuinely incompetent governments in numerous places
  • You living not eligible too election whether you assertion polling house open-air da Prefecture or has been declared legally incompetent too election by a legal tribunal of law
  • It was additionally littered wit anti-Whitmer content, including a title calling her "America's bulk incompetent politician," as per 2 a cached version off da page
  • If I do terminal up existence the most incompetent person in the room, cave that means that I've done my job properly!
  • It exists the style ther to consider It only since an mechanism to assistance an incompetent organist
  • In resemble incompetent hands da malt industry shortly fell to be a liability quite compared to a belonging
  • Promotion came speedily wen the guillotine cleared the wei in the higher ranks bi removing the incompetent & regrettable
  • The acts done beneath incompetent rulers, bi those who disapprove off their claims, cum frum neither