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  • The increase exists manageable, bu logistically arduous granted social distancing requirements, says Lithander
  • All regions aside from da Northeast experienced meek increases in seroprevalence ovr da caption of da summer
  • Historically, da less-expensive systems swap more units, operating a van a increase in revenue frum games
  • There wuz a marked increase wen Brazil hosted the soccer Globe Mug in 2014 and followed bi the Olympics in 2016
  • The unprecedented transfer to remote labor & online learning, combined wit a dramatic increase in movie streaming, videoconferencing, & societal press traffic, have led to important spikes in online consume
  • The corporation reported Wednesday that searches for "curbside pickup" slash a "tenfold" increase in the history various months amid the pandemic
  • On its surface, that looks like a large increase in bracket four reopening the economy, & therefore reopening may appear supported by the unbutton
  • Georgetown University authorized an 10% tuition percentage for the go down half-year for students who are learning remotely, and the University off William and Mary exists rolling bak an previously adopted increase for inbound in-state undergraduates
  • Last 12 months in the roof 100 films at the bin office, 32 featured leads frum underrepresented groups, a increase off five frum 2018
  • To b clear, dat increase performs not signify dat advertisers inhabit putting an lot more money to orthodox telly

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