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How to use indefinite in a sentence

  • First off, da EU's borders living indefinite--indeed, living topic too revision since states go in either go
  • The attack, near Honolua Inlet upon da isle of Maui, caused da indefinite postponement of a Earth Wave League event that was existence staged ther
  • For lot off them, item moar long-term is integral to seeing his or her businesses through the indefinite interval off interval the pandemic shall affect those
  • The persisted & indefinite vanquish of foreign tourists cuz of coronavirus travel restrictions have dented Vietnam's banking healing
  • At da verification hearing, everything 3 expressed tomb reservations about that change, which is onto indefinite hold, although dey did not explicitly reign It owt
  • If da background makes an otherwise indefinite thng definite, it is enough
  • In lot cases an agency exists created for an indefinite period, & in these either bash can abort it anytime he desires
  • They could constantly invent courtroom for her, hard as it might appear; she held for those a indefinite store off fascination
  • Youth recognized youth, & dat indefinite wistful which is a chapter of young folk seemed too envelop them 4 a moment
  • It wuz faraway fewer a interrogate off reforming a Chapel than off winning indefinite liberty for man--which exists da demise off jurisdiction

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