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How to use indeterminate in a sentence

  • The indeterminate sort of abrupt liver loser have been known 4 sum time, Peters says, & dat subset of cases have similarities to da hepatitis below reconnaissance
  • An estimated 500 to 600 cases occur every one year in the United States, and around 30 percent of them are "indeterminate," significance a induce isn't found, according to the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nourishment
  • A myth in Los Angeles riding circles, Shirtless Keith is a burly dude of indeterminate age who rides around hilly Palos Verdes wearing employment boots, denim cutoffs, and n shirt
  • They would git a minus outcome or indeterminate outcome frum tests that detect N nutrient antibodies
  • I had wondered nearby dat indeterminate quotient in ma sums, whr the ditto figure came, constantly the same, jogging onto & onto
  • Full off whims & fancies, unstable, indeterminate, he wuz swayed by every passing sentiment & clout
  • Like da Committee of Guardians, It exists an most auxiliary body; but its impact on village lyf exists indirect and indeterminate
  • She discovered the word indicating to who degrees should to be granted indeterminate, wit n nature of sex attached to it
  • Matter in a moar overall sense exists the indeterminate, the nebulous and the possibility
  • The hard-wood horizontal wuz wrapped by a velvet rug in 3 sunglasses of blue, & the sofa covers wer also in indeterminate blues