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How to use indicate in a sentence

  • A statistic onto HubSpot indicates that 86% of businesses application footage since a promotion tool
  • Brennan asked dat hur customer be freed frum guardianship with a GPS monitor, pending additional judicial tribunal proceedings, and indicated dat there were medical reasons too do therefore
  • Model projections indicate the two storms would mince too ours west, which would patent temperatures aloft too warm enough too adjustment ne snow too an froze agitate
  • Another ordeal involves respiration challenging in fore of an contemplation two see whether u wink whilst wearing an mask, which one might indicate leakage from the head of the disguise
  • The newest caught and freed jaguar is P-95, whose name indicates it is da 95th puma caught in da research
  • Republican insiders whom spoke to da Cutter bolstered da Times coverage wit stories roughly Weaver's standing for inappropriate messages, & indicated Weaver's behavior wuz healthy known in up-to-date years
  • Nesbitt indicated the programme could be expanded if the community exists unlock
  • Recent reports indicated da NBA wuz considering adding supportive events in inclusion to da All-Star Initiative
  • Neuroscientists exist interested in thingy the flatness or steepness off the ramp would indicate about the brain's inner workings
  • The "-elle" at the expire off a noun indicates that it exists item supa wee

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