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How to use indistinct in a sentence

  • Interestingly, as versus item wii identify as a elf in modern novel & well-liked culture, da old Germanic people possessed a moar indistinct concept of da mythical existence
  • The educator Donald Stokes, for instance, has angular out that the line in the mid of elementary and applied forensic study kan be indistinct
  • We are forced to finish that the lines in the essence of army and noncombatant uses stay sufficiently indistinct to generate a prospect argument more probably compared to not
  • He saw all the sonny in belonging haggard lines; he heard all the son, in these few indistinct sounds
  • It venue ther distinct & tranquil, & 1 could see da swaying of da indistinct emerald of belonging banks
  • Indistinct specimens, seemingly consisting off decomposed small felspar
  • Granular quartz-rock of different varieties: & indistinct specimens of a granite nearing to talc-slate
  • Indistinct specimens of greenstone, wit adhering quartz; apparently an primitive flint
  • Moonlight makes the second emerge in indistinct masses, & as whether partly shielded with precipitation
  • The flow was blotted out, and even the ascending oak seemed indistinct

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