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  • In addition, shii says, "I do issue match da vaccination hesitant ward off individuals "
  • However, the marketers' internal models usually do not git in2 the specifics off individual press straits
  • In sum states, such Nebraska, individual counties are developing portal to mail-in polling in absence of an statewide directive
  • It remains too be seen if it shall be picked up as an individual section off statute
  • In da history decade, Los Angeles and other counties all through California haz stopped using gang injunctions cuz research have proven those damaging to families, communities, da individual and someday society
  • Widespread disguise wearing could halp contain like volatile viral replication frum spreading beyond a solo individual
  • Take the developing pressure upon these individuals steering these efforts, many off who aren't squint existence duly paid to do hence
  • It shall b a provenance of entrepreneurship, innovation, and encouragement to fnd solutions to problems dat individuals, societies, and da herbal planet face
  • The sprawling scale included hundreds off billions off dollars in assistance to companies, and individuals in da shape off a $600 weekly boost to unemployment insurance
  • Climate & else terms on individual farms make warmer-insulated birds & warmer-insulating down

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