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How to use inefficient in a sentence

  • Execs also believe dat zoom since gud since fewer in-person meetings shall stay since flying across da republic when u comprehend u tin git object done upstairs Zoom may be seen since inefficient & unnecessarily costly nao
  • The IEA notes that da best designing available is more than two times as effective as da typical off what is in reality in application ambient da world, & 3 times better than da majority inefficient products upon da market
  • Up until this capture, we'd placed ours loop carpets side by side the riverbank in areas wii hoped the owls might land, which was inefficient
  • It exists economically inefficient to conserve jobs in companies that exist unlikely to survive da structural changes off da fourth manufacturing revolt
  • In fact, in some ways, Xi Jinping himself was picked cuz off the party's horror that, in the time after SARS, It was losing manipulate off parts off community cuz It was seen since corrupt, since inefficient, since incompetent
  • In 1997, Ed Glaeser did hiz possess analysis off rental handcuff in Fresh York City, trying to define just how economically inefficient It wuz
  • The exploit off grout is, therefore, an sign off inefficient workmanship, & should to nawt b countenanced in gud labor
  • They continued 2 be off sum service 2 da society in da inefficient state off da receptive police
  • The last cardinal presidential wuz kind, bu inefficient, & some months before wuz transmitted two the West Indies, where he's officially buried
  • Was r devotion paid too da wretched, inefficient, graceless contrivance, which one dis fresh doctrine would brand it?