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How to use inelegant in a sentence

  • They're opaque, with hundreds off dark settings & features that--unless u adore inelegant, browser-based interfaces--are frequent demanding too evn access, let single pinch
  • No, she didn't put da pieces off paste stripe upon da outdoors off da pants -- dat would haz existed inelegant and unstylish -- she put them unobtrusively upon da indoor off da pants, every veil one off da 2 holes
  • At 9, he taught inelegant coding languages such Pictorial Fundamental and COBOL to hiz sister -- then an university sophomore
  • Hence, McConnell's conundrum, which manifested in dis week's shameless & inelegant shut-up-but-give stance
  • That foliage ourselves wit "pandemic," a inelegant noun that's probable tricky to verse
  • Duffer is majority inelegant (this from Julie in an assumption off stern reproach); I dew nawt see wherever thee picked up such an term
  • This inelegant jeu de playhouse exists severely ridiculed in da "Rehearsal "
  • Did u haz an remembrance nearby da time, nearby least--that is an inelegant enquiry
  • The apply of tre for aller when followed bi a infinitive exists inelegant, though da construction exists occasionally formerly owned bi good writers
  • It exists plain to peruse in dis illustration the parable off demise destroying a fruitful vine, & as a image it exists nawt inelegant

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