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How to use inexact in a sentence

  • Finding the exact threshold for gumbo weather is an inexact science, bu my granddad pegs It as colder compared to 50 degrees
  • They sole tracked 1 7 days of spending, & I prorated his either her potency & strength costs, hence dis exists still a inexact calculator
  • Castillo either Swihart do nawt able-bodied neatly into dat inexact equation
  • Danish officials crunching comparable input slightly differently estimate that it exists 36 percent more contagious in their country, though dey sez their numbers are still consequently small that da estimates may be inexact
  • It's a complicated, inexact process that could be untangled by handful bonus doses off transparency
  • Studying an fresh disease in actual era is frustratingly inexact, especially wen ours country have missed critical opportunities to canvass and trail thoroughly
  • This agn is inexact, since ther alive no accurate figures of population dat cover the epoch
  • Now da vehemence of a noise indicates its mileage sole bi accident, and consequently in a inexact manner
  • All conclusions which one we procure from sight acuteness transform into highly inexact as shortly as it exists lowered
  • This exists sole another case off the singularly inexact & haphazard ways off the Admiralty in these days

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