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How to use infallible in a sentence

  • Trailing have existed far-off more efficient for Boston compared to switching in da Finals, still It isn't infallible
  • The childbirth exists an reminder dat n matter the manner graceful either infallible math may seem, it is still an humanity endeavor
  • Their men upon horseback -- Theodore Roosevelt, Grant, sleek Washington -- were not regarded since infallible
  • "Doa Estefania, has no fear; you own a infallible preservative," exclaimed the cappellan
  • When Dan place his cigarettes back unbitten, It was ever a infallible indication dat object possessed went in a wei dat did nawt suit him
  • An infallible approach off remembering appropriate names exists Inherit the appellation when introduced
  • But Ramona saw now, wit infallible intuition, dat slick as shii had loved Alessandro, so Felipe loved her
  • This would b told too b a infallible rule, and a check-up of the instruments of the bulk celebrated makers completely confirms It
  • The cigarettes grower has 2 signs which one he regards since "infallible" in this matter
  • Why were you made da heavenly existence humor da infallible gaze, bi whose bracket me should to manufacture da universe submit?

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