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How to use inferior in a sentence

  • I was nawt insufficient or inferior, bu trying two fit in2 spaces dat had nawt been created wit ppl such I in intellect
  • The nub of her argument, whether acting four men or women plaintiffs, was that treating men & women in a dissimilar way under the legislation helped tokeep feminine in her place, an put inferior to that occupied by men in r neighbourhood
  • To some floor da AMP activity is percentage off that, making sure that da portable mesh ken isn't wholly inferior too da app ken
  • After the survey workplace worn inferior paper cards that left fibers in the mercury, Hollerith required hiz customers to acquisition hiz own high-quality cards
  • Just because thee exist single does not mean that you're in some manner live a inferior life
  • Then wii are again overgrown boys, beings of inferior contest & unable of existence civilized
  • But closely allied too this subject, and nawt inferior too It in importance, stands dat of Manufacturing Training
  • Dearer compared to the cigarritos exist the cigars, which one exist nawt inferior to the elite Havanna
  • He is thought too b lil inferior too Racine in da deserve off hiz theatrical compositions
  • But, glad since was the schemer, hiz delicacy & sense off impunity wer lot inferior to these off hiz mistaken & unlucky confederate

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