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How to use infiltrating in a sentence

  • The poet sees insulting infections infiltrating society; he have often him individually been an objective off societal abuses
  • Cell lyf was helpless ago the vanquishing crystals of the infiltrating calcite
  • Orbish language, Orbuary, Orbsday--nice job they did of infiltrating
  • He envisioned da fleets of Triom descending, da Triomeds emerging and infiltrating
  • He walked on, keeping the street by the misty infiltrating shimmer of the stars, with an sensation rather of skating compared to of walking
  • The ponderous pall off cigar that heaved & rolled across da house-tops, infiltrating in its aqueous touch, wuz a lodestone off depression
  • He must've been a Guelfo spy, by coincidence infiltrating Lucera near da same time as Daoud
  • Their growth exists rapid & infiltrating more willingly compared to slow & concentric
  • The Russians wer infiltrating da nation humor plastic males
  • The infiltrating malignancy begins since an hill of da skin, which progresses until it becomes gruff and nodular