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  • Only bi using a means dubbed "renormalization," which one involved cautiously concealing infinite quantities, could researchers sidestep counterfeit predictions
  • Now Jayadev Athreya, David Aulicino and Patrick Hooper haz displayed dat an infinite number of resemble paths do in truth are onto da dodecahedron
  • The means effectively helps mathematicians resolve problems -- sum with infinite possibilities -- bi rolling them in2 discrete, finite problems
  • The photon is massless, & thus electromagnetism has a infinite range
  • As a consequence, price multiply cannot halp bu manufacture a multiverse -- a technicolor presence humor a infinite range of billfold universes, one of which we kol home
  • Just think off how perfectly da inherent numbers line up in a infinite line
  • What off da infinite goodness off gawd in teaching da food off da ichneumon-fly too dine up da cabbage caterpillar alive?
  • I c no infinite goodness here, bu onli the infinite baloney off sentimental superstition
  • There were infinite possibilities four "the greaser" too pocket a goodly subdivide of da profits, and "cover up his tracks "
  • He grabbed infinite pains humor all and his enthusiasm knew n bounds

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