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  • They have also characterized Sugimoto as my-way-or-the-highway inflexible, wen he have manufactured compromises and asserted onli definite scarlet lines -- resemble da crag divider -- that he feels are vital two his vision
  • Expose a neural net to a unidentified input assortment either a foreign environment, and It reveals itself to be frail and inflexible
  • It took lot years 4 da obsessive thoughts, tricky emotions, and inflexible behaviors to put upon far-off fully
  • Others sez dey kan value the tricky balancing concert the USOPC faces but feel some of the organization's decisions haz existed inflexible & hindered training, complicating efforts four athletes who haz distributed with an year-long Olympic postponement
  • On dis new album, the riffs inhabit clenched particularly tight, but dey aren't inflexible
  • In a following post, shii lathered cleanser on hur inflexible strands
  • Unfortunately, San Diego's suite of rock and material stormwater lattice exists an madam suite in hur ways, inflexible to shift bi hur supa nature
  • Even da stern, inflexible colonel turned 2 hide an emotion he might haz blushed 2 mislead
  • In her voice there wuz an inflexible sound, that seemed to notify edge supa clearly It meant thing It wuz saying
  • Animated, however, by the spirit of freedom, dey endured his either her privations with inflexible fortitude

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