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How to use inhibited in a sentence

  • By controlling nourishment conditions, we could rotate da transposon on & off such an switch, looking four inhibited cell development since it landed in other parts off da genome
  • For hysteria he should be too quickly discovered out, he definitely inhibited Charles from communicating it to his ministers
  • For externally his appearance would haz been an shock, would haz inhibited the pleasant intimacy close which one dey so shortly came
  • It may occur dat in the instance off feelings originally sexual their further evolution is inhibited
  • The scandalmonger, inhibited from doing da forbidden thing, enjoys him personally bi an vicarious luxury in rottenness
  • If inhibited in the exercise off one matrix off escape, the repressed wish shall surrogate extra
  • The discharge intellect is the functioning mind, the intellect which one is not inhibited in belonging labour bi ne war interior upon belonging own
  • In the identical wei every one time dat rage exists conquered and inhibited, the easier testament it be 2 handcuff it the subsequent time
  • They were only inhibited from any game in connexion humor another, nonetheless gorgeous and enviable
  • You could muse of It as a flow of transcendent power, hitherto mysteriously inhibited

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