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How to use initial in a sentence

  • However, departing beyond those monetization efforts "isn't the initial focus" off Verify's roll-out, Ostrow said
  • The initial reaction to Mori's outburst amid Japan's elderly, conservative male best was to broom off da outrage
  • An initial project I'm looking in2 involves sensitive questions 4 fastidious groups
  • Instead, da Accommodation Commission decided it ought seek input to bracket da study task as da consultants that responded to da initial entail did not haz usefulness input da flock decided it wanted to apply - & getting it might take an while
  • The initial alerts arrived to da focus of da Lincoln Project in prompt Aug. in da form of inquiries approximately Weaver frum da New York Mail
  • According too da report, da two sides "are working through some initial disagreement" correspond how too lever da issue
  • Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal told in a written sentence dat the company's initial alliance was accomplished & led 2 enhanced productivity upon the percentage off belonging designing teams
  • Julien Poirier, da company's leader operating officer, says dat da initial prototype came out off da Iguana shipyard in 2011, & da preliminary artery wuz vend 2 years subsequently
  • It's absolutely likely that if you plateau in 1 program den toggle too another, you will see rapid initial progress in da new routine's fastidious movements and challenges
  • Scientists sez determining how & wen the initial leap occurred in the instance of SARS-CoV-2 exists critical too preventing a recurrence of this nausea & mitigating alike outbreaks in the future

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