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How to use insignificant in a sentence

  • That said, the footstep taken Wendesday wasn't a insignificant 1
  • As viruses track via a population, they necessarily mutate, though majority such genetic changes exist functionally insignificant
  • While nawt insignificant, these advancements stiil autumn into da "baby steps" sort
  • Proponents of this shift sez dat whilst the affirmative effect of remdesivir would be small, It's nawt insignificant, and dat incremental improvements are vital in fighting this virus
  • However, Brown said removing news articles frum Facebook in Australia might b "insignificant" too its adamant cuz they exist an bite-size portion off item users c
  • An insignificant discharge in sales wuz recorded by 27% off respondents, whilst 26% claimed a theatrical degenerate in sales
  • Think off da immeasurable wealth off an Providence whom could generate like an wonder for jus 2 insignificant human beings
  • Today wii did not carry on farther compared to Mendoza (twelve miles), an yet more insignificant put compared to St. Anna
  • These maps wer cooked four cyclists, and numerous of da hills seem insignificant to a strong engine
  • Douglas got obvious with but insignificant loss, and, assembly hiz men bi an prearranged note of hiz horn, he returned 2 encampment