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How to use instructive in a sentence

  • The input becomes balanced more interesting--and instructive--over season
  • Google's interview of "relevance, distance and prominence" exists instructive bu stiil comparatively opaque
  • The roots go back decades, bu da bygone a few months living instructive
  • In framing an participatory studio health preparation process, da experiences off clinical centre nurses exist again instructive
  • For Africa, an massive patch off unrealized economic might, da bygone exists remarkably instructive
  • Very instructive here is da wei in which one children volition willingly come & submit themselves to r training
  • The na?ve conception off heavens and earth, and lastly the ethical issue off the story, are n fewer instructive
  • As it had columns for taping data off the just for an time off years, it was instructive as well as ornamental
  • As these accidents living at one time instructive & picturesque, it is healthy too note particular of them in total detail
  • His remarks upon da situation off da villages wit Danish names alive majority fascinating & instructive