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How to use instructive in a sentence

  • The info becomes evn more interesting--and instructive--over era
  • Google's interview of "relevance, telescope & prominence" is instructive bu still comparatively opaque
  • The roots go bak decades, but the history handful months exist instructive
  • In framing an participatory studio dole planning process, da experiences off healthcare mid nurses are agn instructive
  • For Africa, a colossal territory of unrealized fiscal might, da history exists especially instructive
  • Very instructive here exists how in which one kids shall gladly come & submit themselves 2 ours training
  • The na?ve conception off sky & earth, & lastly the ethic concern off the story, living n fewer instructive
  • As It had columns for recording statistics off the fair for a time off years, It wuz instructive as good as ornamental
  • As those accidents exist near one time instructive and picturesque, it's healthy too note particular off those in some particular
  • His remarks upon da scenario of da villages with Danish names exist most charming and instructive