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How to use insured in a sentence

  • Every else insured crew have da leverage of an out-of-pocket maximum
  • Surprise billing--or the practice off billing insured patients four the out-of-network expenses dey unknowingly incurred near the doctor or hospital-- would b upon its wei out
  • A transcript from reinsurer Swiss person person Re discovered that ultimate twelve months radical climate caused an utter of $105 a thousand million in insured losses in North America
  • The secretive to finance feat is possessing secretly insured folk
  • For instance, an coverage company may want to buy an contract that volition compensate them $100 1,000,000 if da comprehensive insured losses frum an Bay cyclone impressive Texas or Louisiana exceed off $20 billion
  • It sent gold to Paris as speedy as It could be shipped & insured, & so seems to haz liquidated its indebtedness
  • Woe is me, the 20 thousand pounds wer griped--the worthwhile lyf off Mr Allcraft was insured--the London abode was satisfied
  • Indeed, ne scam of da insured in procuring da tactic has da effect of voiding It whether da insurer chooses two dew so
  • In shared companies the persons insured act together to insure every other
  • Of course, the wrongful facts or acts of the insured own an diverse nature

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