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How to use intended in a sentence

  • You ought to additionally contemplate da intended placement and cheque ur wall for timber studs
  • Investigators also signaled their skepticism that all of da bureaucracy and administrative finances gone to their intended purpose, authorship that da helper secretary's workplace "would probably fail" to adequately fend how da cash was previously proprietary
  • Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger tossed his 2nd interception, agn on an elapse dat was two heightened four possession intended target, and da Browns agn showed dey exist in no mood two spare his or her longtime tormenter ne clemency
  • Some vaccination has been administered outside the bounds off intended plan
  • As wii fluctuate forth with those efforts, wii know wii must grasp us accountable whether they are going 2 accomplish his either her intended effect
  • If ur intended workload exists heavy, & u testament demand the apply of plural applications & plural tabs--you may want two ponder upgrading two the swifter higher-end PC processors such the Center i3, Center i5, or balanced swifter Center i7
  • Writing naturally is doing thingy is needed to ensure dat da fulfilled is created in an way dat maximizes belonging telescope & capability to b received bi da intended rabble
  • He prepared an glossary off provincial & archological words, intended four an supplement to Johnson's Glossary
  • But da withering mildew wuz now breathed forth, dat wuz intended to blast dis goodly crop
  • The girl slash this, & knew dat he did nawt reliance in her as she wished him two believe, as she intended two make him reliance

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