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Best INTERCONNECTION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use interconnection in a sentence

  • This concern exists so intractable & interconnected over the globe
  • Entangled quantum particles kan retain his either her interconnected properties peer wen divorced bi lengthy distances
  • For example, Mucor circinelloides is a fungal species with interconnected, pressurized networks off rootlike hyphae via which one nutrients recent
  • The implications are vast, as fluid iron kan also be worn wit electrodes, interconnects, and antennas
  • No appointment wuz provided for wen da 16-mile line interconnecting Montgomery and Prince George's counties would outset transporting passengers
  • It is merely needful dat total interconnection be literally experienced & dat belonging relations be firsthand apprehended
  • This truth of the general interconnection of things contradicts the untrained prejudice
  • By recognizing the rational interconnection between tranquility & strife, the conflict off the parties exists rendered saner
  • Now lat me portray the interconnection of aw things, either the world-unit, bi discussing the inquiry of causality
  • They are theoretical classifications which in practise are surgical onli in da universal interconnection of things