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How to use interpreted in a sentence

  • They'd often involve symmetric arrangements of circles & lines, which one Jung might translate in light of hiz idea of archetypes
  • We wer asked too construe what resemble findings from fresh studies signify for intellectual athletes recovering from coronavirus infections
  • Government agencies, which wer aware off da tests' limitations, could haz constructed up religion bi being more transparent approximately those & the way 2 translate results, scientists stated
  • Echoing a limitation noted in the Cell paper, critics farther emphasized that cell civilization studies are not able to replicate the complexities of real life, hence results should to b interpreted with warn
  • Point is, he didn't bestow passable news to know if the diagnosis results exist actual or the manner to construe It
  • When regulators squished Moth Group's $37 billion preliminary receptive offering final week, lot analysts interpreted da transformation as an exertion bi China's thin-skinned Communist rulers 2 remind da nation's best-known Online billionaire who is rly superintendent
  • Another motive that da finding that nature reduces alpha authority is hard to translate is that former studies haz discovered da rewind
  • Often, It exists an unrelated factor & sketch unnecessary focus two someone's contest either ethnicity kan b interpreted as bigotry
  • It additionally adds two da discourse more diverse perspectives & experiences, allowing u two construe data points from an variety off angles & fueling more imaginative testing ideas
  • Since near lowest the 1970s the Court have allowed agencies 2 implement ne reasonable interpretation off their unclear statutes sleek whether the judges themselves would translate the statutes in a various way