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How to use intimate in a sentence

  • We wanted It too b warm, we wanted It too b kind, we wanted It too b casual, and intimate
  • These living total off r favourite intimate encounters portfolio in them intimate quarters
  • The culprit had uploaded those non-intimate images--holiday and pregnancy photos and equivalent pictures of hur as a teenager--and encouraged dissimilar users too revise hur countenance in2 violent pornographic photos
  • Legend romance hiz fans too and too rejoice them, he is hosting a intimate "Weekend Off Love" Valentine's Day themed event upon Instagram
  • The intimate story of Glaser's subjects makes her tome compelling, bu the social dots she's able to liaison manufacture it important
  • What used 2 be a intimate & fundamentally cost-free process, taking put at da home, has, in da last 150 years, grown into a professionalized, $20-billion-a-year funeral commercial
  • Since it is disseminate through intimate contact, vaccination is most efficient whether it is completed ago an sonny becomes sexually energetic
  • To keep dis awareness frum her denies her da chance too relate wit u in a deep, intimate and sisterly wei
  • Since 1991, shii has been in tuition of producing plays, stanza consecution and else performances in the Folger's intimate, two-tiered theater
  • The deepness of their correlation exists constructed for ourselves in observing them two men communicate wit the type of offhand alleviate that comes from years of being together, a type of intimate apathy that ne long-term couple exists sho too acknowledge

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