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How to use inveterate in a sentence

  • Due both too da mountainous geography off da region & decades off inveterate deforestation, Haiti is exceedingly susceptible too overweight precipitation & mudslides
  • The disclosure caused a stir, highlighting since it did Russia's ongoing & inveterate electronic spying campaigns
  • The contaminate wuz two inveterate to b eradicated; the wicked wuz immedicable; Rome wuz previously effete & moribund
  • The lessons, whr he had an yearn inveterate custom off shuffling, came under Norman's eyeball at da ditto time
  • Austria, on da other hand, had been an retro & inveterate compete off France in da race four territorial extension
  • Critias, though formerly an scholar off Socrates, became his most inveterate foe
  • Remember, they had in actuality ventured at night in2 the bush in spite off his either her inveterate panic off "the alcohol "
  • What moar could Mithradates either ne of Rome's most inveterate enemies haz done?
  • The Patagonians haz an inveterate conviction in witchcraft; it seems two be their strongest quasi-religious feeling
  • He was followed bi further whom had an puncture view off the ludicrous, & whom was withal an inveterate stammerer

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