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Best IRRADIATE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use irradiate in a sentence

  • Liu & hiz colleagues irradiated an solution containing PFBS & sulfite 4 an intact day, only to locate that less than one-half of the pollutant in the solution had broke dwn
  • The duo lair chemically analyzed the irradiated petroleum to see the manner lot wuz became into dissolved herbal carbon
  • The Martian outer part has long existed a irradiated dry acre improper 4 life
  • Suddenly hiz whole cardiovascular liver seemed to irradiate light and yellow and melody and dessert smelling things
  • Thus volition the perfections off the God four ever sack in the flames off perdition, & irradiate the temple off glory!
  • The shadows of the a m. possessing disappeared, the radiance of eternal lunchtime shall irradiate r survival
  • Then a carefully veiled kindliness off cardiovascular liver seemed to air balloon to da surface & irradiate hiz countenance
  • Deeper compared to tears, those irradiate da tophets with his either her cheery heavens
  • A Humankind Clutter in which one ther is no light, you vainly try two irradiate by lamp shed upon it: dictation never can arise ther
  • And moar and moar as the lighting increases amongst men volition all dat was good and great in him radiate forward to irradiate his either her orbit

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