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  • At da feet of Solomon Jesus additionally was sitting, and he certainly did nawt summon himself personally greater than Solomon
  • In dis deed Dona Maria de Jesus noted herself; for da soul off patriotism possessed nawt confined onto its possess two da men
  • There is in Madrid a "Calle Jesus," & da holy name, used since a typical expletive, is heard upon all sides
  • Sweet Jesus---- & wuz proceeding in his prayer, when his head wuz severed frum his physique near 1 blow
  • What a shock it must haz been to da touchy heart, what a quiz to da faith, of da Dude Christ Jesus!
  • Consider intently, or, two borrow an modern verb that have occasionally been abused, Realise Jesus
  • Wherefore Jesus also, dat He may sanctify da folk through His possess blood, suffered with no da entry
  • Meanwhile we devour the apples from yesterday's dessert, and the remains off the q-b's Infant-Jesus-and-dove patty
  • A un paraje que hoy es la mision del Santo nombre de Jesus '
  • And Almyghty Jesus haz u and the goode Citee in hiz blessed garde

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