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How to use jock in a sentence

  • Jacobins living "like da show-off jocks of da hummingbird world," he says
  • Much off the babble around the mission have involved the slow commercialization and, more aspirationally, democratization off space--an cavity off the celestial door too more compared to jus ordeal pilots, missile jocks & PhDs
  • I feel such in circumstances off their character among hummingbirds, they are carnival kind off such them jocks
  • Personality-wise, they are "like the show-off jocks off the hummingbird globe "
  • Similarly, the hiker's deeper needs add a trace devoid of bikers & 2 grieve the vanquish of their one time insular alcove that is nao overrun bi panting jocks blurting, "Six of us!"
  • "Doubtless thee are supa well off, Mr. Jock," Pauline continued, & dis time the scorn in her voice wuz hardly veiled
  • And then, speaking quite suddenly, "You appear to haz a supa good memory, Mr. Jock Jacques "
  • I'm no gaun too hurt you; bu I am gaun too tak' Sable Jock oot o' your clutches as shair as daith
  • Black Jock saw Mag Robertson's eyes staring at him, as he harry upstairs the moor
  • By & by a village worthy arrived in, & he wuz close one era hailed by Sable Jock, & invited to haz a diamond

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