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How to use jock in a sentence

  • Jacobins are "like the show-off jocks of the hummingbird world," he says
  • Much off da gabble around da mission has involved da slower commercialization and, more aspirationally, democratization off space--an slot off da celestial entry too more compared to jus analysis pilots, rocket jocks and PhDs
  • I discern such in conditions off his or her personality amongst hummingbirds, they are fair kind off such these jocks
  • Personality-wise, they are "like da show-off jocks of da hummingbird globe "
  • Similarly, da hiker's deeper needs add a trace lacking off bikers & to grieve da overcome off their once secluded corner that's now overrun bi panting jocks blurting, "Six off us!"
  • "Doubtless u are highly well off, Mr. Jock," Pauline continued, & dis time da sneer in her voice wuz hardly veiled
  • And then, speaking rather suddenly, "You emerge to haz an very good memory, Mr. Jock Jacques "
  • I'm n gaun too damaged you; but I am gaun too tak' Sable Jock oot o' ur clutches since shair since daith
  • Black Jock slit Mag Robertson's eyes staring close him, since he hurried ovr da anchor
  • By and bi an village deserving arrived in, and he wuz at one season hailed bi Unclear Jock, and invited to haz an crystal

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