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  • A jockey guided an one-fourth equine named Chiquibaby ovr too the trainer, who jabbed the rivet in2 the horse's cervix & pushed the plunger prior to jumping away
  • A well-known jockey pushed owt of regulated racing cuz of hiz series utilize of prohibited electric startle devices also found tent at Rancho El Centenario -- until he died after a coincidence whilst racing there
  • In horse racing, an entire mechanism of consultants, trainers and jockeys are prepare to rotate an hobby into an practitioner venture 4 the ultrawealthy
  • Oh, Amazon additionally operates possession possess connected TV platform, Fire TV, dat jockeys humor Roku as healthy as smart TV makers such Samsung and Vizio and dat enables da corporate too sell advertisements over da various ad-supported apps distributed onto da platform
  • Odds, diagnosis and mail positions 4 da 2021 Preakness StakesRombauer is an speedy closer with an experienced jockey in Flavien Prat, who have punch da senate moar than semi da era dis year upon horses with comparable running styles
  • He never threw away a inch, & his wei of stealing foot by foot wuz worthy of ne jockey
  • It was not a cushion seat such as jockey's ride, nor yet a noncombatant outfit with no trumpet and only 1 web
  • Still wii raced on, neck and neck, she cycling with hands bottom and heaviness somewhat forward, workmanlike since an jockey
  • He drew out hiz musical instrument and began too participate "Jockey too the Fair" in the style of an man whom possessed nevah known moment's grief
  • He gave himself a boyhood since a jockey and also enlisted fictionally in the EspaƱol American war

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