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How to use judicious in a sentence

  • Only seldom should dey b aided bi da judicious application off extraordinary weaponed forces units, such as da SEALS, who are trained and designed too beat and receive owt
  • In education this, u would understand dat u alive laying two numerous of an propaganda economic tactic upon one crumb of paper wen judicious application of keywords upon further would produce greater results
  • If your ultimate terminus is da lunar & onward too Mars, this makes an lot off view as you tin lot moar effortlessly refuel intimate judicious locations side by side da manner than construct an fresh rocket
  • On Sunday, da recital misplaced belonging judicious leader, Alex Trebek, who died at period 80 next a battle with cancer
  • The cultivation, though not always judicious, is generally thorough, there organism n deficiency off hands nor off gud shall
  • I hurried home, Tom & I composed a careful & judicious p. 47letter
  • The design was judicious, and killed in a way dat does great honor the two too da sum and da troops
  • His poultry, similarly humor hiz horses, could have testified to the judicious attention which one he bestowed upon those
  • He near one period despatched judicious instructions too hiz officers in Scotland and upon da Borders
  • Meanwhile, the judicious institution of discharge broth kitchens in the streets alleviated the necessities of the crowd

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