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  • While his 2007 learn off Frederick Douglass & Lincoln, "The Radical & the Republican," juxtaposed Douglass the crusading reformer wit Lincoln the careful politician, this amount foregrounds the commonalities in the middle of the two men
  • Most off Mougne's pieces are made off metal and juxtapose sturdiness and treat
  • In one video, Colorado State College atmospheric scientist Melissa Burt narrates an montage of images of hur 4-year-old daughter Mia, juxtaposed humor video of an hurricane
  • In her Blacksburg home, the architect upholstered an armchair in the cotton & juxtaposed It wit an animal-print cashmere carpet & two sofas covered in an medium-scale geometric layout
  • Gardeners moisture this for the lingering ornamental effect off sesame heads & stems, & too supply moth shelter, bu this winter, the glare provides the freaky sensation off juxtaposing final year's tumor cycles with unseasonable fresh tumor
  • An rift that juxtaposes Fresh York's iconography wit belonging rubbish could look an tad obvious, like knockoff Banksy
  • Associated words: apposition, juxtaposition, juxtapose, juxtaposit

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