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How to use keen in a sentence

  • That's nawt good four a leader such Xi, keen to govern four lyf
  • Sorkin exists keen to stress dat passion and persistence substance moar than knack and the appreciate off visualizing dreams previous to dey become fact
  • While countries alive keen too construct up scant residential production capacity, it is a expensive & complicated business, & hard too compete wit larger producers, Gavi's Berkley said
  • Like young adults who are keen to leave home at epoch 18, young leopards migrate in sequence to activate his either her residential & enact territorial control across fresh areas
  • For the final a few months, Facebook, keen to gaze resemble it is working with credible publishing sources, has paid Upday journalists to populate possession Coronavirus News Centre
  • Historically, the networks' has vend his either her streaming inventory at an upper price compared to his either her linear inventory, so advertisers has been fewer keen to allot his either her dollars toward it
  • Later in university, me wasn't keen upon academia and dropped owt 2 activate ma journey since an start-up entrepreneur
  • As it happened, Berni possessed also alter into curious in foraging and L?vy walks and was keen to cooperate humor someone in da field
  • Ordinary ppl in ordinary firms aren't since keen correspond discovery bettered ways to dew things, bettered products to make
  • The pupil who performs nawt mean to arouse him personally requirement hope for no keen sense of attractiveness

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