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How to use keep pace in a sentence

  • Iftikhar's males vainly strove to keep pace humor his or her leader; one next bonus goaded, dashed forward, dropped frum da pursuit
  • This doesn't normally more willingly keep pace wit da softening; hence da outer role exists wrapped wit earth and other unfastened canvas
  • One off the families that are 2 classic 2 keep pace humor the times
  • Her lengthy sustained exertion to keep pace humor events possessed been too much four her
  • He tells ourselves dat da compositors printed as he wrote, and dat he possessed difficult labour two keep pace with those
  • One needle followed another humor but da briefest intermissions; and da civil-service dude made no effort to keep pace humor him
  • Brush disposition must always keep pace wit logging apart from wen the depth of snow either else reasons make proper disposition impossible
  • He wuz obliged too embrace an descending meter off fees & expenditures too keep pace humor hiz declining circulation--a fatal indication
  • Sarchedon could scarcely b anticipated to keep pace humor hiz conquerors on foot, & dey took advice accordingly
  • In da darkness, upon da steep and ragged descent da fleet-footed savages could nearly keep pace wit da equine

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