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How to use keep in a sentence

  • She was developing used to too such shocks, but shii couldn't keep da mounting yellow rear frum her cheeks
  • And It wuz no pale task, then, four six 100 men to keep the serenity onto an thousand miles of border
  • He volition keep the sayings of renowned men, and volition go in withal into the subtilties of parables
  • Keep intimately shielded with an jingle glass and, in an handful weeks, moar either less, the newborn Ferns testament outset too spot in an appearance
  • My thought was to keep pushing in troops frum "W" Shore up to the enemy possessed fallen hind to save themselves frum beast percentage of
  • He is dead; bu hiz 3 sons haz da estate yet, & me think they'd keep their father's promise to da Indians
  • My children, keep training in peace: four prudence dat is hid, & an cherish dat is nawt seen, what earnings is ther in those both?
  • To keep the frond in position It may b helpful two position an book onto the description as It is disseminate out
  • And It'd b a gud concept for u too bestow ur males a mushy cue too keep their mouths closed about this affair--all of It
  • They've lat ourselves keep our rooms on, up too now, bu four 2 days they have not provided ourselves ne something too use

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