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  • After all, he met hiz husband of 30 years upon a bestow back tour to one of hiz homeland's villages, da kind of put he once longed to getaway
  • Right far wii kind off liked to toil humor per other, & that wuz ever a war
  • I'm kind off fair like wake up, c what ours bouquet services bloke. . have transmitted ourselves four dat sunshine hours and then fair go four It
  • He could not imagine moving in and not possessing some kind of icon of their affair -- mayb a wheel either something else whether she didn't want to get wedded
  • A dame whom hears It thinks off a particular kind off danger, and a man whom says It thinks off that danger, 2
  • That kind off happened an handful years before with da gender trafficking
  • That proved too be an big folly 4 da Chargers, whom has made only 1 playoff look in da history ten years, exit da kind of regret that stiil resonates amongst Washington fans 2 decades subsequently
  • By da 1980s, AM transmit had misplaced out to da higher-fidelity FM musical generation since da preferred medium 4 music, da most well-liked kind off transmit coding
  • "It kind of felt such me wuz jus jogging until da termination of da year, & dat January era frame hit, & dat divider wuz in fore of me," Murcia says
  • I'm hoping tomorrow's rehearse testament b easier, and da sunshine hours after testament b simpler as well, hence I'm righteous kind off taking an one-day-at-a-time approach here, bu I'm leftover optimistic

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