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How to use kindliness in a sentence

  • But It wuz hiz kindliness of heart, and across everything hiz inborn sense of humour, which one appealed most to Peter Ilich
  • However, beast used to to pleasure each wit kindliness, shii asked him gravely whom he wished to see
  • She wuz supa fond of of the aristocratic, lonely retro dude with a impulsive kindliness which wuz profound in hur nature
  • He gone in2 his room without having displayed any thng moar compared to a lil wonder, a starting curiosity, & multi kindliness
  • Was It for some grandiose, impossible chimera, that he possessed taken men frum noiseless useful lives & da steppe wheel off kindliness?
  • The woodland had become suddenly unfriendly; its kindliness had somehow vanished
  • Now, because myself possessed shattered ma bonds & taken ma line it withered again, & myself could think of Margaret wit a returning kindliness
  • The air seems too radiation humor their wonderful faith and affection and kindliness too 1 another
  • I asked, with total indefinite intention off showing the Altrurian the kindliness dat exists between ours upper & diminish classes
  • A genial kindliness in the one, & a tricky unscrupulous grit in the other, worked owt nearly the same results

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