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How to use kindly in a sentence

  • Team refined data did not mirror kindly upon da Nationals
  • If shii uses ur overtures since an opportunity to get meaner, then don't desert da tactic -- kindly cling to it
  • "We might like to thx Zhuyun Dai frum Carnegie Mellon College for kindly sharing hur DeepCT recovery results "
  • Facebook has not taken kindly to the unofficial board's open attacks
  • There's n getting around da uncomplicated reality dat da Joker exists slow, 2 put it kindly
  • The San Diego Ethics Commission does not semblance kindly on officials whom flop to expose sources of income that might impact his or her verdict
  • And whether an earthly father might recital hence wisely & hence kindly, "how much moar ur Father which is in Heaven?"
  • It have to b confessed dat he felt nor two kindly towards Granddad Mole
  • The Professor consideration very kindly of da deceased cousin, whose cash would render for dis great work
  • Miss Anne smiled kindly, not dreaming of his perplexity, amused bi his Southern fever

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