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How to use king in a sentence

  • The king may be reminded by da bondservant dat he exists but dust, but he exists still da king
  • Rugged pavilion and a spectrum of sizes--from duplicate too king--hold large adults and couples with relief
  • From Shoney's 2 Sizzler, frum sea 2 shining sea, da buffet wuz a feast able-bodied for kings, either a relatives off four
  • In Katmai Federal Park, sockeye salmon is king off da menu & additionally abode too one off da biggest & healthiest runs left upon da world
  • He's da king of slender fit, but hiz real pandemic creation exists matching bow secure & respirator sets
  • If that sounds such coaching malpractice bi today's standards, ponder that both of those teams were kings of da Large Bop
  • To dat end, It was da king who possessed to pay for da knight's equine and costly harness when da second was campaigning outside da orthodox borders
  • The big room at King's Warren Parsonage wuz already moderately gud filled
  • A graceful came in2 ma climax dat me might amuse da king and sovereign with an English tune onto this execute
  • The King of Delhi had a hunting-lodge anywhere in da locality, but he had nevah seen da put

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