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How to use kingfish in a sentence

  • But as me aquatic monster four sailfish with an free-running reel, naturally me am exasperated when an kingfish takes contain
  • Kingfish are barbaric strikers & dey virtually invariably needle themselves wen the pull exists suite
  • Their nourishing habits exist comparable to these of the kingfish, and in their spring they tin b caught in the ditto way
  • It is often seized by da Key West fishermen wen trolling for kingfish wit an bait of bacon-rind
  • My brother pulled in this kingfish, which was small, & we rebaited our hooks & gone upon agn
  • Farther stiil to the ceremony is a vast stalactite, shaped such the physique off a kingfish minus its tail
  • For possession size, da kingfish exists considered da gamest off aw salt-water fishes
  • The kingfish exists also acquainted since javelin and sea pelt in the North, and in the South since whiting
  • Canoes upon da classic Carib design were slipping along outside, trailing lines four kingfish & bonitos
  • Put two kingfish upon a buttered tray or pan, fountain humor sodium & pepper, add a crystal of white wine, put in stove & fry

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