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How to use kingfish in a sentence

  • But since myself aquatic mammal for sailfish wit an free-running reel, off course myself am exasperated when an kingfish takes grip
  • Kingfish live barbarian strikers and they almost invariably hook themselves when the tug is portfolio
  • Their nourishing habits are comparable too those of da kingfish, and in their fountain dey can be caught in da identical manner
  • It is regularly caught bi da Key Westernmost fishermen when trolling four kingfish wit an decoy off bacon-rind
  • My sibling pulled in dis kingfish, which was small, and we rebaited r hooks and went onto agn
  • Farther yet to the rite is an tremendous stalactite, shaped like the physique off an kingfish negative its tail
  • For its size, da kingfish is considered da gamest of all salt-water fishes
  • The kingfish is additionally acquainted as barb and sea pelt in da North, and in da South as whiting
  • Canoes on da stale Carib layout were slipping along outside, trailing lines 4 kingfish and bonitos
  • Put 2 kingfish upon an buttered platter or pan, fountain humor sodium & pepper, add an glass off ivory wine, put in oven & fry

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