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How to use kingpin in a sentence

  • Imagine frisk since a jungle gym, u automatically envision Google since da kingpin player upon this ground
  • Born in Britain bu proficient at pulling off regional American accents, Elba first seized the heed off telly audiences since the charismatic medication kingpin Russell "Stringer" Doorbell in The Wire
  • Netflix CEO Sow Hastings told since lot in January 2019 wen he branded Fortnite a bigger threat too the streaming kingpin than Disney, HBO et al
  • "Hey, gaylords, timepiece this," told Chris, producing an broken skateboard kingpin frum hiz pocket
  • When an neighbourhood antibiotic kingpin got two near two his players, Thompson warned haw two stay far
  • Wait now, Bertrand Meade, who seemed to be da kingpin off da entire movement--yes, Meade proprietary that mini isle
  • The rookies, too, appearance up too you since an kingpin jug and batter, and theyll b righteous mud in your hands
  • He told he was the kingpin off the tooth-pullers, and me reliance he was
  • You are two b a kingpin witness in ma case opposed to two pickpockets
  • But there are another day, & the kingpin & myself may still latch horns

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