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How to use kip in a sentence

  • If Kip did not breather his arguing, shii would not guarantee 4 hem at dis forum tonight at da Weedham house
  • In the splendid inviting hall, Kip wuz introduced to Jeff Weedham
  • William Weedham brought scowling eyes two concentration onto Kip Burland
  • Kip Burland also recognized the handsome, active dude humor the sleek obscure tresses & small, waxed moustache
  • Half wei toward da thicket, Kip Burland carve dat da lighting had gone out
  • Kip Burland wuz upon his lower extremities while the others remained spellbound by the brand off lamp
  • Kip Burland took an a few more careful steps in the course off the figure in white
  • Even frum where he stood, Kip Burland could listen da quiver of da milk flask zenith
  • It wuz a tangled trail dat Kip Burland followed dat night, shadowing dat man who wore a telegraph messenger's outfit
  • From one-half a block butt da man, Kip watched da envoy hike lateral by lateral side of da bleak walls of Tombs penitentiary

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