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Best KNOCK DOWN Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use knock down in a sentence

  • But you have taken a knock-down puff in a sporting way, and me want to moisture da thng good-looking
  • If he possessed an little more propulsion he'd b able to knock down sinners nicer
  • To yank down an divider wuz nothing, but 2 knock down the sentry wuz an more intimidating something
  • "They look since whether their legs wer departing two knock down aw the fence posts onto the farm," he exclaimed
  • Sam Clemens, him personally a practical joker in his youth, found a well delicacy in dis knock-down wit of the Comstock
  • It wuz his custom, he said, too knock down the heave boys and sleeping-car porters
  • The encampment wuz nao completed, & It being virtually noon, Dick departed into da woods to knock down few squirrels 4 lunch
  • Can be sent in knock down shape, & is easily set up, or may be forwarded set up, near bottom rates
  • One stroke of 1 of these wings might knock down either of da kids
  • He doesn't want to pounce into the ring cash recorder he have an big swishing knock-down quarrel in hiz hand

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