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Best KNOCK OVER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use knock over in a sentence

  • Captain Lovelock got up since well; Bernard heard him knock over his little gilded armchair
  • Leaving us therefore engaged, da general started too effort too knock over some of da numerous water-fowl in pictorial
  • Now, whether I am fortunate navigable 2 knock over a elk, we'll have a supper such as folks in the cities dew nawt frequent enjoy
  • There exists not 1 off them who, four the merest trifle, couldn't knock over the greatest case in the world
  • If I ought flop my wings I conviction I'd knock over the intact village!
  • Here he landed, and next an hour's trudge in the boggy bottoms possessed the fortune to knock over 2 couple off woodcock
  • Id such nothing better, grasp it frum me, than to knock over few off the measly things
  • All he did ther wuz too knock over one senior female & taste her cheek effusively wen he possessed gotten her down
  • He fired down, clawing desperately & helplessly, with momentum passable two knock over half an twelve males
  • You must knock over da faculty & inspect da foundations to see if dey are laid up in good cement mortar either onli clay

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