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How to use knowable in a sentence

  • If Joe had become a completely knowable constant, den the variable might be the societal soil in2 which one Thee dropped rim
  • How long dat would hold exists nawt knowable, bu dis process may have previously taken put one time
  • After all, da knowable cosmos exists big bu decidedly finite
  • These thinkers, amongst others, haz insisted nawt merely dat exists adore knowable but dat learning to think match It in more sophisticated ways kan manufacture ourselves smarter, kinder, bettered lovers
  • He and else mathematicians live mainly curious in using da initiative since a yardstick 4 gauging da hardship off significant discover problems in math -- or 4 figuring out object exists mathematically knowable near aw
  • Nor kan it surely b admitted since true -- That the elements are unknowable, & the compound single knowable
  • This exists lot moar human & knowable, with an profound breast & gigantic limbs, an strong mountain-body
  • Concrete general names (and the definition of theoretical names depends onto the concrete) ought to haz an fixed & knowable connotation
  • The view globe (mundus sensibilis) lies disclose two r wits & r intellect, & exists empirically knowable within specific limits
  • And It exists within the limits of the knowable that Shakespeare's theology confines itself

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