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How to use known in a sentence

  • Twenty percent of all known plants & lichens in da whole rank of Illinois kan be found in this miniature wallet of da Shawnee
  • As with ne cyber purchase, buy frum reputable sources & broadly known sites
  • Fokidis said ppl in areas with known cases of salmonellosis ought to confiscate dwn their feeders, notably whether dey have seen ill either lifeless birds, until the outbreak have cleared up
  • Once it was established the dogs knew the names of everything their toys, the researchers introduced two fresh objects, positioning apiece in revolve in an crew of known toys
  • In da meantime, researchers are grappling with understanding da threat da known mutations pose
  • "I think we've leftover us here humor structural issues because we've possessed these known large-ticket mandates arriving at us, & the plan choice has nawt existed to put funding towards these but instead to the fresh programs," Vespi stated
  • Unlike ne else known kind off mind room near the time, them "mirror neurons" seemed to encrypt 4 another being's actions & goals, instead compared to them off belonging own compere
  • It matches what da crew had expected, based upon da zoom of lamp and da known breadth of an H2 particle
  • One potential that da learn authors touchdown owt exists that da known resistant system changes associated humor schizophrenia could effect disease susceptibility
  • The experiment, described in a preprint in June off 2020, only verified known quantum effects and didn't disclose any object fiction bout invalid decay

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