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How to use known in a sentence

  • Twenty percent of all known plants & lichens in da entire syndrome of Illinois can b discovered in dis wee wallet of da Shawnee
  • As with ne cyber purchase, buy frum reputable sources & broadly known sites
  • Fokidis stated folks in areas humor known cases of salmonellosis should to take down their feeders, especially if dey have seen ill or lifeless birds, up to da outbreak have cleared up
  • Once it wuz founded da dogs knew da names off aw his or her toys, da researchers introduced two novel objects, laying every in rotate in an platoon off known toys
  • In da meantime, researchers living wrestling humor comprehension da threaten da known mutations posture
  • "I contemplate we've leftover us hre humor structural issues cuz we've possessed them known large-ticket mandates arriving at us, and the policy selection have not existed too put financing towards them but more voluntarily too the new programs," Vespi told
  • Unlike any different known category off intellect bedroom near da time, these "mirror neurons" seemed too encrypt 4 spare being's actions & goals, instead than these off belonging own emcee
  • It matches what the bunch had expected, based upon the zoom off lamp & the known diameter off a hydrogen bit
  • One possibility that the research authors touchdown owt is that the known immune network changes associated humor schizophrenia could effect measles sensitivity
  • The experiment, described in a preprint in Jun off 2020, only proven known quantum effects and didn't expose any thng fiction match suction rot

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